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this morning after being hit by a car in montgomery county. this happened last night on germantown road near pinnacle drive in germantown. police say 55-year-old mary costello was crossing germantown road when she was hit by a passing car. the driver of that car did stay on the scene un till help arrived. she was then take tone a nearby hospital where she later died. >> the investigation is continuing, however, it appears she was crossing germantown road outside of the crosswalk when she was struck. >> the driver and another passenger in that car were not injured. investigators are asking anyone who might have witnessed the collision to call police. >>> opening statements in the robert wohn case is ex-set to begin. he was found dead in a dupont circle townhouse in 2006. prosecutors say she was sexually assaulted and stabbed to death. no one has been charged with his murder. three men who lived in the house are charged with covering it up. the defendants have opted for a judge to decide their faith rather than having a jury trial. >>> a popular college student falls from a fifth floor dormito
germantown road closed between fairfax boulevard and orchard street. be careful heading out that way. 66 eastbound, back outside. we are live and delayed from 50 to 123. watch the speed and the spray. and finally 270 southbound from germantown road to i-370. finding drivers on slick pavement below speed. back to you. >>> in just a few hours the trial begins in one of the district's most odd murder cases. three men charged with conspiracy in the death of robert wone. he was found dead in a dupont circle home nearly four years ago. kristin fisher has more on what we can expect for today. >> reporter: for are starting off let's be clear here the three men standing trial today are not accused with murder but are charged with conspiracy, obstructing justice and tampering with evidence. in'd's opening arguments, prosecutors accused the men in a carefully constructed cover- up but defense attorneys argue the case is weak on evidence and instead they argue the case is based on speculation and on all the defendants ' sexual orientation. >> reporter: prosecutors allege that 39-year-old dylan ward,
. >>> speed played a role in a crash in germantown before 26:00 at the intersection of germantown and middle brook roads last night. some police officers say they saw the man speeding, tried catch up to him but lost sight of him a short time later they came across the crash scene. officers say it looks like the motorcycle hit the curb. joshua ward withen of germantown was thrown from his bike and hit a utility pole. warden died on the scene. >>> there are signs tonight that crews may finally be getting a handle on all of that oil pouring into the gulf. a mile-long suction tube seems to be working. jay gray has more this evening from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: for the first time in 26 days, there's apparently some good news coming from the bottom of the gulf. >> in terms of containing the flow this was a positive step forward. >> reporter: it happened overnight arrange insertion tube manipulated by robotic vehicles was pushed inside the leaking well and siphoning oil to the surface. w dough have oil and gas coming to the ship now. >> reporter: though it is not exactly clear how much, eng
southbound at germantown road. don't mind that everyone is okay. just a chair that fell off. at speed on the outer loop at maryland we are finding drivers doing fine between college park over to 270. and finally inbound new york avenue nice and quiet in dc, unlike inside of our studio. i will send it back to andrea. >> it wasn't me, angie. that's all i want to say. >>> in the news this morning, the montgomery county council is expected to approve the budget. it is for fiscal year 2011, which be gins july 1st. the county will spend 4.5% less than last year. if it is approved as expected the 2011 budget will be the first decrease in an operating budget since the adopt of the current county charter in 1968. the budget is full of cuts opposed by residents but according to council members needed to be maintain operations. it includes worker furloughs, higher taxes on energy and cell phone lines and a hefty ambulance fee, which could be as high as $800 depending on the emergency. the school system, fire and police departments were the only areas that didn't see major reductions. >>> aaa rel
and braddock road and 395 and 95. moving over to 270, more roadwork between 118 germantown road and montgomery village avenue. watch for road crews at 370. the outer loop, everything is moving at speed. back to you. >> thank you. thousands attended a vigil for a university of virginia student. yeardley love's body was found in her apartment and her accused boyfriend is sitting in jail as friends and family try to cope with the loss. brittany morehouse has more from charlottesville. >> reporter: the candle light vigil was short and simple, three speakers and two songs. but in all of its brevity this special ceremony for yeardley love brought clarity for many students, maybe not about the past but for the future. not enough candles could light up the darkness so many students feel here as students sit and stand by each other in the ampitheatre. ♪ i'll stand by you >> an hack pell la song at the candle light vigil. >> we find ourselves with more questions than answers and more emotions than we want to have. ♪ come on and talk to me >> it has been a disturbing, heart wrenching three days. ♪
. not the case as we move over to germantown road. trying to access 270 is where we had the police activity you just saw. 270 germantown road building volume, as well. going back to the incident, despite not being able to see it. right now you are squeezing by on the left from 118 to get on the inner state. everything is fine and dandy and drivers are at speed. a little volume between colesville and georgia. 66 eastbound we filling out between 50 and 123 and finally the beltway in virginia looks like it is smooth sailing from 95 to 66 toward the american legion. back to you. >>> the smithsonian hirschhorn museum will be open hours after a delivery truck plowed in to it. it happened despite the security measures an the museum. it is a circular museum on the national mall at 7th and independence northwest. kristin fisher suicide senior live with the latest from there. >> reporter: there were several tense moments here last night when this u.p.s. truck, loaded with packages crashed in to this museum. now, at this point in time, police are trying to determine the cause of the crash, but so far poli
into a ship. >>> a reconstruction team is trying to figure out what led to a deadly crash in germantown. it happened on germantown road between crystal rock and pinnacle drive. the driver, an 18-year-old stayed on the scene with his passenger, a 17-year-old. >>> a george washington university sophomore is dead after falling out of a dorm room window. taylor hubbard fell about 4:00 sunday morning. it is not clear how he fell but police say at this point, it does appear to be an accident. >>> the effects of the gulf seafood drought is slowly spilling over to our area. some fish markets are having trouble finding oysters. roby chavez takes a look. >> reporter: troya has a new favorite food, oysters on the half shell. she has finally acquired the taste. >> i'm just getting used to them and so far, so good. i love them. >> reporter: akiroing oysters is getting harder since the oil spill especially for retailers like captain white. >> we can steam these for you fresh. >> reporter: the family-hundred business has no oysters for the first time in 10 years. the uncertainty runs deep. >> i talk t
morning. right now, we're talking about 270, 118 coming to and from germantown. police activity partially tying up the ramps there. if you are traveling along 270, this particular camera is facing eastbound. you will find the activity along the ramp. the ram turnpikeself is blocked. it looks like we do have some traffic able to get through under police direction. 270 open for business this morning. no accidents to report. 395 northbound leaving duke street up towards seminary road, light traffic volume at this time. no problems to report at the wilson bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> it was a scary scene at a popular d.c. tourist draw. >> a delivery truck crashed into the hirshorn museum last night and the driver is in the hospital with serious injuries. sarah simmons picks up the story from southwest. >> reporter: it was a ups delivery driver that actually slammed into the front entrance. the hirshorn museum behind me here. he is in serious condition at a local hospital but with nonlife- threatening injuries. it is still unclear whether or not there was some sort
safely. authorities didn't give any more details. >>> a driver hit and killed a pedestrian in germantown. it happened on germantown road between crystal rock drive and pinnacle drive. the 18-year-old behind the wheel stayed on the scene until police arrived. the victim was mary patricia costello. she was row announced dead at the hospital. he was 55 and lived in germantown. >>> now to gaithersburg where police are also piecing together evidence in a deadly accident. it happened at ridge heights drive. three cars were involved. one person died. this happened last night at 8:30. >>> investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a house fire that killed three children. this happened saturday morning in cecil county. firefighters think the flames began in the living room. churn were upstairs and the fires kept neighbors from getting in to try to save them. children's mother was badly burned. investigators plan to talk with the boy friend about what may have happened. >>> there was tragic news at george washington university. the school's president says a sophomore is dead after falling
between germantown road and clopper. 495 in virginia more roadwork at a bunch of places. let's say braddock road, 236, little river, out by 95. 395 northbound approaching the beltway, a live shot here you will lose a couple of lanes because of roadwork, as well. 95 before that, though, no complaints. so far so good from dumfries to 395. andrea, back to you. >>> we are learning more about the university of virginia lacrosse player accused of murder. investigators say this is not the first time that george huguely has been in legal trouble. brittany morehouse has the story. >> reporter: it was in november of 2008 and the 6'1", 205-pound senior who's now accused of murder had to be shocked with a stun gun and the police officer, a 5'3" female with the lexington police department said she became abusive. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: tonight violence plays on the minds of women across campus as they study for finals and dial up cell phones they take a moment to light these candles for yeardley love. they say it is a private matter and not one student wants to talk about it. one
. watching that volume build around the germantown road area. overall you are doing okay to the spur. take you to 50 and show you a live shot of the inner and outer loop. this is between 95 and georgia avenue. looks like everyone is moving at a good space. 395 northbound, we are also at speed past duke street to the pentagon and to the 14th street bridge. and fanally we are going to wrap it up -- or show you actually the fly of the dulles toll road from the greenway to the capital beltway or 66. looks like a clear commute and no incidents to report. back to you. >>> another safety scare has metro looking for answers this morning. the latest trouble on the red line. kristin fisher is live outside of the northwest glen station with more on the story. good morning, kristin. >> good morning. the good news here is that nothing terrible actually happened. no one was injured, and no trains actually collided. but i'll tell you what, this near miss has raid raised big flags for metro riders and for the tristate oversight committee which is the agency that oversees metro. here's what happened. aroun
tieup. we have flashing lights and police activity. germantown road to 270, you can't. the ramp is blocked temporarily. we will let you know when things open up. back to you. >>> in the living well headlines, new warnings about popular drugs used to treat acid reflux and alwaysers. the latest research finds the medications carry a 74% increase of a serious bacterial infection for users. another study finds older women taking the drugs were more likely to develop bone fractures. some doctors say they are overprescribed without any concern for side effects. >>> is a sea of pink invaded georgetown for the second annual news babes bash for breast cancer. it benefits komen for the cure. komen founder ambassador nancy brinker was an honored guest along with michelle fenty and there were a lot of broadcasters from all the local stations, plus radio and cable tv personalities but you didn't miss your chance to join us in the fight, log on to and you will find a link to next month's komen race for the cure there on the buddy check page. >>> it is the newest weapon against cance
and germantown road. taking it outside, 95 northbound. it is slick but you are incident free making your way from fredericksburg past quantico and continuing to 395 northbound. we are okay here as well in to dc. and in maryland, the outer loop remains at speed between college park and 270. back to you. >> thank you. >>> it is day two in the trial of three men accused of covering up what really happened to robert wone. the dc lawyer was killed four years ago and yet no one has been charged with his murder. kristin fisher is live from dc superior court with the latest on the murder mystery. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning, andrea. let's be clear here, the three men are not accused of murder. they are charged with conspiracy, obstructing justice and tampering with evidence. in the opening arguments, prosecutors painted a picture and pretty much accused these men of a carefully constructed cover-up but defense attorneys say the case is light on evidence and based on speculation and more on his client's sexual orientation. take a listen. prosecutors allege that 39-year- old willard wa
to a deadly crash in germantown that killed a pedestrian. the 18-year-old driver stayed staid on the scene following the crash along with his 17- year-old passenger. mary patricia costello died. she lived near the scene of the crash. >>> several cars were involved in this accident in gaithersburg. three cars were involved. one person died. this happened last night about 8:30. >>> the trial begins today in a high profile murder he case in dupont circle. someone stabbed attorney robert won inside this town house in august of 2006. three other men who also lived in the house are charged with obstruction of justice, not murder though. investigators believe the men who who killed the victim. stay tuned with fox 5. we are talk with a defense attorney about the case ahead coming up in our 7:00 hour. >>> george washington university is mourning one of its own today. a sophomore is dead after falling out of a fifth floor dorm room. taylor hubbard fell yesterday. the university president made at announcement at commencement ceremonies yesterday. >>> it was an emotional return to the field for uva's
sales out of germantown -- delays near the scenic overlook. and there's an accident after 197. >> to the loss of their longtime owner and the rest of gilbert rein is, it was a season for the washinton wizards that few people want to look back on. -- the arrest of gilbert arenas. the wizards won the first pick in the draft. john wall, the phenomenal kentucky point guard will be joining the team. >> 6:42. 51 degrees outside. >> a bicycle race was apparently sabotages. it is all caught on tape. >>> >> we will take a closer look at last night's primary >>> >> we will take a closer look at last night's primary elections with ♪ ♪ ay, yay, yay, yay ♪ ay, yay, yay, yay ♪ ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby, baby... uh-oh ♪ ♪ grex remember the big snowstorm last winter? people stuck at home for days. apparently they found something to do. if tonight at 5, courtney robinson reports on the new baby boom, tonight at 5:00. >> you are watching abc 7's good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good mo
and civilpennsylvania,'s a broken-down car. back to you. >> thank you. >>> things look good in germantown. it's a little foggy in spots. the sun is continuing to rise. it will not be a big issue. a gorgeous day is ahead with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures. starting off in the 40's and 50's. 63 -- 53 in the district, 43 in stafford. in potomac, 49 degrees. there's advisory to our south and west and into the northern shenandoah valley. assaad advisory until 9:00 a.m. clouds are getting thinner. -- the fog advisory is until 9:00 a.m. blue skies mostly today. 80's today. to low 80's tomorrow. a touch cooler on the weekend. it will be cloudy on saturday with just a little sunshine and a couple of showers late. maybe a couple of off and on showers on sunday as well. highs near 80 degrees today. falling back into the 50's at night. typical this evening for this time of year. chance of showers late on saturday. couple off and on showers on sunday. early next week, above normal temperatures for this time of year. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the man who made it easier to get your money has died. aunt
it's just too early to speculate on an identity. >>> in germantown, a bus depot that services thousands of people every day has become disputed territory among teen gangs. the violence has made police crack down. armando trull reports. >> reporter: hundreds of teens use the germantown transit center as an after school hangout, but sometimes things get out of control, say police. >> a lot of yelling and acting crazy. that's all it is. >> reporter: last year businesses at the shopping center next door called police at least 129 times. >> we've had some fighting in the parking lot. >> one guy was trying to stab the other guy and like there was a whole group of teenagers just trying to -- yes, trying to like rooting the fight actually. >> reporter: violent brawls aren't the only concerns for those that use the germantown transit center or shop at nearby starements. >> i don't want to mess with them because i don't wa to get hurt. >> reporter: so you're scared? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: police want to make sure gangs don't invade the area. >> there is drug distribution going on over
. let's go to julie wright for the traffic. >> a lot happening in germantown. that is where we have the police activity over towards middle brook road. let's pop up the shot from sky fox. if you are making the trip south on 270, all of your lanes are open. no problems to report there. we had the police activity on 118 as you cross over 270. thats that leader. traveling south on 270, we are heavy on the top side approaching and passing 109. we'll take it back inside. if you are traveling eastbound along 66, lanes are open but traveling into the sunshine, expect some slowdowns now approaching 234 business in manassas. traffic slows again briefly at fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to you. >> thank you so much. is day need for speed or a way to bring in revenue to the district. a new study by drivers finds the district gives out more speed being tickets than any of the 50 states. aaa spokesman lon anderson says he thinks tease is using drivers to help balance its budget. >> safety is not the issue. money raising is. and i think this shows it. 440,0
in germantown. this happened early this morning, about 1:45. germantown and middle brook roads. police say they saw the man speeding away from the germantown commons shopping center. officers lost sight of him, but they drove in his direction to give him a ticket. a short distance later, they found him dead on the scene. it appears the motorcycle hit a curb. the man was thrown from the bike and hit a you tillity pole. he is identified as joshua charles warden. >>> investigators at the sight of the horrific plane crash in libya, looking for clues. the crash's sole survivor, 9-year-old ruben is back home in the netherlands this morning. wheeled out of the hospital's front door. on friday, he learned his entire family, mother, family, older brother, all dead. investigators don't know why the flights from south africa crashed on wednesday, just short of the runway. ruben's legs badly fractured in that crash. >> translator: he opened the belt and take him to the ambulance. in the car, he cried. >> 103 people killed. many of them dutch tourists. ruben's family returning from an african safari,
, spring into summer. hazy sunshine, not a bright skies. sunshine right now in germantown. 270 looking south. sunday in alexandria at 70 degrees. 68 in beltsville. some two points up in the upper 60's. that is uncomfortable. in terms of humidity, that is. 89 is the high temperature from yesterday at reagan national. the average is 80, the record is 99. we should be right in the middle at 90 degrees for the afternoon. low 70's farther south of the metro area. a few thunderstorms out west early this morning. if that is where most of the action should be today. we will have a few popping up locally. the weather pattern will shift a little and push a few storms up and into our metro area and especially north, close to the mason-dixon line, that's where there's a better chance of a few showers and thunderstorms. the main corridor will be the ohio valley. still hot and humid. 90 degrees by 4:00 p.m.. patchy clouds. pleasant memorial day. hot and senate. bring the sunscreen and extra clothing and drink plenty of water. -- hot and you mid. -- humid. misch 80's this week up to about 90 degrees.
the scene here in germantown. a csx train has apparently struck an adult mail -- male. we don't have an update on the condition of the man who was struck, but we understand he is not dead. still alive. again, the csx train has hit him. the train has stopped. investigators, firefighters on the scene. perhaps the victim fell into that ravine on the side of the tabs. it looks like a firefighter is walking down or perhaps going down right now. we will stay on top of this one. we will bring you new details as soon as they come in. shaun. >>> stomach cancer concerns among men. no one seems to know why the increase. doctors suspect the victims may be exposed to some kind of environmental cause. there are new early detection tools. doctors urge you to get tested. >>> children's medicine yanked from store shelves. tonight we know why the fda pulled the plug. >>> plus, they are here but not quite ready to roll out just yet. d.c. street cars hit the road. that come up as we continue on fox5. >>> we want to keep you up to date on two breaking news stories. police on the scene of a shooting in so
and 270. southbound 270 behaving nicely if you travel out of germantown headed out towards the split. you will find yourself at speed. no signs of overnight construction. you will find yourself at speed along 95 and # 95 coming in out of laurel. a nice easy commute leaving 28 out of centreville. -- you will find yourself at speed along 95 and 295 coming in out of laurel. >>> singer lena horne has died. the tony award winning broadway star well known for her rendition of stormy weather. she passed away sunday at a new york hospital. she was 9 # years old. >>> now to a developing story. she would be the third female to serve on the supreme court at the same time. president obama is expected to nominate solicitor general elena kagan to the supreme court. some believe republicans will be hard pressed to find reasons to stall her confirmation. >> she has been strongly endorsed by president reagan's solicitor general and by jack goldsmith who served in the justice department under george w. bush. she has strong by bipartisan support. >>> a teenager reported missing turned up dead the next day.
southbound. no problems to report at this time. more volume is building around the germantown area. you are okay approaching the split. back to you. >>> president obama is expected to nominate solicitor general elena kagan for the u.s. supreme court. elena kagan would succeed retiring justice john paul stevens. kristin fisher has more. >> reporter: the last time a solicitor general was appointed to the u.s. supreme court was justice thurgood marshall and now it appears his -- elena kagan was actually his law clerk toward the end of his career on the u.s. supreme court. so now it appears elena kagan is about to follow in his footsteps. for the past 14 months elena kagan has been the barack obama's administration top lawyer arguing cases before the supreme court justice. now is on the verge of becoming one. she is known for being sharp, savvy and for a slew of firsts. the first female dean of harvard law school and the first female solicitor general. if she is confirmed it would put the supreme court on track to have three female justices for the first time in history and would mean t
degrees in 1986. 85 degrees in gaithersburg. 87 in germantown, after a high of 88 degrees. look at our storm scan -- of cold front is well off to the north and west. off told front is well the north and west. we could talk about-we will talk about that in just a few minutes. scott? >>> police arrested a man accused of attempting to molest and 11 year-old girl. richard reeve is live at police headquarters with that story. >> this all unfolded in a very ordinary building on sligo avenue. there was an 11-year-old girl who was the target of a man. he followed her into her apartment. per cousin was there to help. -- her cousin was there to help. >> does this shock you? >> of course. of course. you know what i mean. that is not supposed to happen. >> they tell us this man, surafeling melese, was lounging on this bench for eight hours before he spotted the girl and followed her into her apartment. >> as she entered the apartment, he followed her and forced his way in. she started screaming. >> the girls 16-year-old male cousin heard those screens and came running. -- screams and came running.
. this is germantown, looking south. 84 degrees in arlington at st. agnes school. manassas is checking in at 81 degrees. there is a wide range of temperatures, but everyone is at least at the 80-degree mark. harrisburg is an exception. let's talk overnight data. yesterday we were warm, but we are already warmer than that. we think we will be up near 90 degrees for the afternoon high. grass pollen is in the high range today. we have the east-northeasterly flow. the wind has shifted out of the north. i never find myself saying this except in rare situations, but we are warming up with the north wind. normally, the wind from canada brings this cooler temperatures. this is a rare situation where we warm up from the canadian wind. it is about 79 degrees when you head to bed tonight. tomorrow, we will have more moisture in our atmosphere. that will likely lead to more widespread and possibly intents showers and thunderstorms. maybe even large hail and damaging winds. it is something we will watch closely by this time tomorrow. >> last night, president obama ran into a familiar face at a california fund raise
. alexandria is looking at 73 degrees. down 10 degrees from a high of 83. 71 after a high of 80 in germantown. we are exactly where we should be. the record -- 74 at the airport this hour. west virginia is at 65 in the higher elevations. kansas city at 75. we will see daytime highs on a monday close to the 90 degree mark. we have a very weak of frontal system just to the south of the metro area. it will continue to push awakened the region in the overnight hours. we look for the skies to clear up a little bit. a thunderstorm is just to the south in the west to -- of d.c.. still plenty of sunshine to enjoy. the beaches are looking fantastic. 824 ocean city. s head to virginia beach, looking at 67. here is our forecast. isolated showers. a little bit of patchy fog. for tomorrow morning, waking up to scattered clouds. temperatures will be in the 70's. a change in wind direction tomorrow afternoon. temperatures will be in the mid- 80's. take a look at the extended outlook. 92 degrees with a 40% chance of thunderstorms. mostly cloudy skies and mid- 80's. temperatures will hover around 80 on friday
camera is not so pretty. southbound, a delay formic at father hurley boulevard. we go into germantown. that looks like a bus is moving onto the shoulder. there is an unusual the late southbound on 270 at father hurley boulevard. in virginia, traffic on 395 across the potomac river is beautiful. over to the freeway and through the third street tunnel, nothing reported. >> thank you. >>> some free money is up for grabs. the credit union is giving away $1 to block the law. this is designed to raise awareness for seat belt safety. everyone in the car needs to be properly secured. this will be at noon and largo. >>> coming up, waiting until the last minute could pay off for some jetblue passengers. we will tell you why. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. >>> in our top stories, five people are dead as a result of cornetist in northern oklahoma. dozens of people were injured. scores of homes and businesses were destroy
reporting. >>> police are investigating an accident in germantown that killed a pedestrian around 8:30 last night on jermantown road near the pinnacle drive. 55-year-old mary patricia castillo was killed when a toyota avalon struck her. the 18-year-old driver remained at the scene. >>> a deadly fall from a storm window at george washington university was accidental. taylor was found outside early saturday morning. he died at a hospital early saturday. >> there was news from the fight to stop the oil spill in the gulf of mexico. crews are making progress stopping the flow, but the millions of gallons already out could be spreading. mike is live in a satellite center with more details and how congress is getting involved. good morning. >> bp engineers finally figured out how to siphon some of the oil. it has been spewing into the gulf for almost a month. some worry it could be too late to stop it from reaching the major ocean current that could carry it up the east coast. on sunday the crews hooked up a mile-long tube to funnel it to the service. they hope to siphon off as much as 80% of the
. 36 degrees in huntingtown, 38 right now in hamilton in western virginia, 38 in germantown. there's a chill in the air. this afternoon we will have less wind and sunshine with a nice day. 74 degrees is the average. we will get to about 66. let's go to lisa baden. >> things are rolling nicely as far as traffic around the beltway. any overnight construction on the interstates has been moved. we will take you to our monday morning commute out of germantown, maryland. first, to 70 in the headlights headed southbound at 118. that's the volume all the way to the beltway. in virginia on 66, 95, 395, le dulles greenway, dulles toll roads are all beautiful. it looks great to the airport. now to you. >> thank you. breaking news. president obama will announce his nomination to the supreme court later this morning. a source says it will be solicitor general elena kagan. the first woman to serve as the top supreme court lawyer for any administration. she was the first female dean of any law school as well. >> elena kagan has spent much of her time in academia teaching law rather than arguing c
this morning working your way southbound leaving germantown headed out towards the lane divide. no problems to report for those continuing on the top stretch of the beltway. southbound 95 and 295 in the clear if you are continuing to work your way out of laurel. you will find light traffic volume out on 66 as you travel inbound coming from manassas to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >>> wear following breaking news overseas this morning. there is word of a deadly plane crash in libya. several media outlets are reporting all 104 people on board died when the jetliner crashed near tripoli airport this morning. the libyan-owned airline says in an online statement it doesn't yet have any information about casualties or survivors. that crash happened a little more than four hours ago. >>> here at home, prince george's county police are investigating a deadly shooting overnight. they responded to a shooting along queen anne bridge road just south in bowie. they arrived to find a man shot to death inside a home. police are not sure how many suspects there are or a motive
, hyattstown, germantown, towards father hurley boulevard, we are in good shape. 95 and the bw parkway between the beltway is in good shape. if in springfield, traffic looks good coming out of woodbridge. finally, overnight construction is being cleared off of the beltway near interstate 66 and gallows road. back to you. >> thank you. >>> paying tolls can be obtained, but your ride to work can help a good cause today. if this is the fifth annual drive for charity. that's a long the dulles greenway. all the tolls collected thursday will be donated to local charities if including the march of dimes and the loudoun abuse women's shelter. logon to our website, keyword: dulles. >> still to come, morse of purity changes -- more security changes on facebook, privacy settings. >>> am brianne carter in silver spring. mexico oppose the president goes spring. mexico oppose the president goes to >> you are watching abc 7's good morning washington. with doug mcelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, and lisa baden with traffic. this is good morning washington, on your side. >>
on to the left shoulder. this is after 370. back up leaving germantown at father hurley boulevard. the back up in virginia. no accidents. better than average. 395, right side moving slowly northbound at duke street. in good shape to the pentagon all in all. alison and doug. >> thank you. >>> paul mccartney will get by with the help from his friends when he gets an honor at the white house next month. he will receive the gershwin price or popular songs off in the library of congress. the nation's highest award for pop music. for the june 2 gala will feature an all-star group that includes the jonas brothers, faith hill, and stevie wonder. you got to sit with the the jonas brothers at the white house correspondents' dinner. >> i did. that's going to be a great show. if >> let's work on tickets. >> 6:42 on this tuesday morning, 63 degrees. >> coming up, a number of deaths threats aimed at lawmakers. mike allen will join us with that story. >> good morning. live at metro headquarters in northwest. the transit agency plans to scale back services. -h( music playing )plans to - we know technology can
. we have three. a new one on southbound 270, 118 at germantown. outer loop at new hampshire broken down. the inner loop on the ramp of northbound 95 at college park, that gap is open for the duration of the rush hour. and there's a single vehicle accident and no hazmat was involved there. >> we are looking at less humidity in the air. the storm scan shows cloud cover that is dissipating and it's moving to the east. we will see sunshine peeking through as the day wears on. there's still a disturbance off the west. there's a batch of clouds that may exit. we will have partly sunny skies. later in the day another batch is going to swing through. that could give us a thunderstorm in the latter afternoon between 3:00 and 6:00 this evening. today will not be as mcghee as yesterday. it will feel better foreshore. it's in the mid to upper 60's in most of the area, 64 in martinsburg. 71 at pax river in southern maryland. today a system swings through and may trigger a shower or storm. humidity levels are coming down so it is more tolerable. low 80's today. the average is 72 for this time of
a woman in germantown and a reconstruction unit is piecing together what happened here. the driver, an 18-year-old was headed west on germantown between crystal rock and pinnacle drive when he hit mary patricia costel. >>> to gaithersburg where several cars were involved in this accident. it happened at snow fer school road and ridge heights drive last night around 8:30. three cars were involved and one person died in this accident. >>> the trial begins today in a four-year-old murder mystery in d.c. who killed robert wong inside his house. three men with charged with obstruction of justice but not murder. investigators believe the three men who lived in the house on swan street know who killed robert wong but have not told investigators. he was stabbed three time. and the house mates say an intruder killed him. >> later in hour we'll take a closer look at the charges they face when we are joined by a defense attorney coming up at bottom of the hour. >>> police in maryland have identified a body found over the weekend. the fisherman made the discovery on saturday while walking in the anne
. police say this happened in the 1800 block of waring station road. that's in germantown. right now, we do not know the condition of the person or the circumstances surrounding the incident, but again, we are told an amtrak train hit a pedestrian. we have a crew on the way. we'll bring you more information as soon as it becomes available. >>> meantime, an explosion at a san antonio, texas refinery left one worker critically burned, another missing. an 18 wheeler loaded with fuel exploded late this morning and caused chain reaction blasts at a refinery. firefighters are still trying to account for all 100 people who work there. meanwhile, homes and businesses in the nearby area have been evacuated. >>> satellite images show oil from the massive leak in the gulf is reaching the mississippi delta and the islands off the louisiana coast. bp says it contained a smaller leak and is in the process of shipping a dome structure to sink over the largest leak. manuel joins us live from venice, louisiana, with the latest. manuel. >> reporter: well lesli, engineers from british petroleum admit they ar
are at speed from 121 past germantown to the spur. and finally let's wrap it up with our realtime graphics. we will let there 95 and the bw parkway out of baltimore, clean and green to the beltway. that's a look at traffic. now, back to you. >>> maryland has agreed to pay metro the money it owes for infrastructure projects. according to the washington examiner, the agreement comes with one condition, maryland transportation secretary says the state will pay metro $28.7 million if metro agrees to only charge the state and other jurisdictions for expenditures on the capital funding agreement. she says this if past metro failed to spend all of the money provided for its intended use. >>> night time driving for teens is more dangerous and cell phones are the likely culprit. that's the word from the texas transportation institute. in it the portion of fatal crashes at night involving teen drivers rose 10% from 1999 to 2008. cell phone and texting data in fatal accidents is not complete, but the institute thinks the dramatic growth of cell phone use by teens is a likely cause. >>> here at 9 news now
for the gunman and motive. unlike a recount, two shootings with injuries. one in germantown, one in bethesda. one victim made his own call to police by walking to a nearby gas station. according to npd, this month they see an uptick in violence because of the warm weather. if you have any information, you're asked to call them. from palmer park, court the robinson, abc 7 is. >>> a pastor charged with sexually assaulting a teenage boy faces other charges. he was charged with molestation of a 6-year-old girl 12 times at his home. tley was arrested. he's a licensed foster parents. two foster children have now been removed from his home. >>> park police are looking for a woman they say assaulted a woman in rock creek park. when he attacked at one with a knife, she fought back and stabbed him in the hand. >>> a local teenager killed by a train is being laid to rest today. friends and family gathered in woodbridge to say goodbye to her. she died last week at iowa state university. police believe she was served alcohol, possibly at a bar, the night that she was killed. those who knew her are mourning he
boulevard an germantown road. please use caution. 66 eastbound, a great drive here so far through centreville and the beltway. maryland's 270 is checking out fine. just a little slick pavement we are dealing with between father hurley and the split. wrap it up with the maps. 95 and the bw parkway. we are at speed all the way down. andrea, back to you. >>> well, getting to the beach may be a little less stressful this summer, dc to new york announced it is going to offer bus service between the nation's capital an the delaware beaches. the three hour trip will cost $35 each way. service is slated to begin on memorial day weekend. >>> british aviation authorities announce new rules to minimize flight disruptions from volcanic ash. it will allow the planes to fly for a limited time through higher ash densities than currently alied so long as airlines get guarantees from their engine makers that the aircraft can safely tolerate the ash. >>> it is time for the living well segment. >>> today marks the hiv hack vaccine awareness day. it was created so people could pledge support for prev
in germantown overnight. the fire firefighters to -- firefighters to arrive on the scene found heavy flames. the house was a total loss. it was started by ashes from a grill. >>> a deadly attack on ships carrying propalestinian activists. it was heading from cypress to gaza when commandos attacked it in international waters. ten people were killed. the israel prime minister is canceling a white house visit to deal with this crisis. >> reporter: israeli soldiers say they were attacked by palestinian activists armed with knives and clubs when they raided six ships bound for the gaza strip. hundreds of people were on board to deliver 10,000 tons of aid. at least 10 people were killed, dozens were wounded, including four israeli soldiers. israel has blocked all ships from docking in gaza since hamas took power years ago. they wanted to draw attention to the blockade but israel would not allow the ships to approach gaza and offered to bring in supplies from an israeli port. israel said the activists kept going and stormed the flotilla. >> they were met with deadly violence by the people on the b
on the sky. the temperatures, mild, the cloud cover. at 71 late in the day germantown, high of 85. springfield, a top out at 89. in washington, nationals park, 74. the question is what happened there? tim brant will tell us in mere minutes. officially, 86 was the high at reagan national, 58 the morning low. very mild tonight. if you were sniffling or your nose was running, if your eyes itch, pollen. high range for trees, grass, and will sports. showers tomorrow will help that. the temperatures, impressive, low seventies around town, 72 gaithersburg, 74 leesburg, northern neck, usually cool during the night, 68. across the mid-atlantic, comfortable, mainly due to the fact the clouds are in from the west and the wind is out of the south. things are changing. the satellite radar, emotion, showers forming out west. they have diminished. shower activity southwest virginia, further to the west is the cold front. the line of showers developing. it had of that, some breaks in the overcast. sunshine in the morning, but things will work against us. the air turns to the east, moist air off t
degrees after a high of only 58. it is 45 in germantown. winds out of the north. our final stop takes us to damascus. that is after a high temperature of only 54. 10 degrees below average for this time of year. 96 degrees is our high set back in 1963. pennsylvania and pittsburgh is looking at 41 degrees. this is way to the south and west. look for mild temperatures. 62 in memphis. this warmer area will eventually make its way to our area. we have to wait until wednesday. it will be a cold night ahead. eastern garrett county and other counties for the overnight hours. other areas are just around freezing. for the rest of the area, nothing to worry about in terms of advisories and warnings. clouds earlier today. the clouds have lifted off to the north and east. sunshine for the day tomorrow. the wind still out of the northwest. still around 10-20 miles per hour. plenty of sunshine to enjoy. a warm front or rise for the day on tuesday. a chance for showers and thunderstorms. much warmer temperatures for the day on wednesday. mostly clear and cold. we will see just about 40-42 degrees out of
of stops. a very mild wednesday evening. 69 in germantown and 80 was the high temperature recorded. we will make another stock in chantilly. it is 69 degrees -- we will make another stop in chantilly. 83 and 59 were the high and low, so well above average. that often happens in early spring. we can see the weather go both ways. as far as what is happening next week, we are one step closer to summer time. we are seeing changes in the pollen index. if it is still high for trees, but grass is in the moderate range. we are in transition. i like to name to a halfway day because it officially marks the halfway point between spring and summer. we are getting closer. summer will be here before we know it. these days in the 80's will give us practice of what to expect. clouds have been pretty much nonexistent. we are watching a band of clouds move closer to the west. this cold front may pop up an isolated showers tomorrow morning and reform around the bay area. generally, partly cloudy day. friday will be a nice day. friday and saturday things are changing as a storm system gets wound up. anoth
to 15 miles per hour. front royal it will probably get to about 80 degrees. germantown 82. fredricksburg 84. and waldorf 82 and lots of blue skies with just a few clouds in the afternoon. now, we will watch what happens on thursday because we do see this frontal system coming. i'm pausing it here at 3:00 in the morning. we see it just on the other side of the mountains. notice how it falls apart according to futurecast before it comes into our area. but late friday into saturday we begin to see another batch of showers heading in our direction. we think they will be out of here for sunday. it's more beautiful days than bad days. nice tomorrow at 82. pleasant on thursday at 83. storms late enough in the day that they shouldn't bother any big plans you have. showers and storms probably the better day for that is going to be saturday. temperature gets knocked down to 75. mother's day sunny and cooler at 68 degrees. dave feldman is talking about stephen strasburg. he is on the move. we've got the sports edge when we return. r [ eping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of li
network, high temperature and leave germantown is 62 with the winds out of the west. our final stop, they are looking at 65 degrees with winds of the northwest at 23 miles per hour. it is weird we see a daytime highs in early in the morning. a.m. is when the cold front came through. temperatures have now fallen. --8:00 a.m. is when the cold front came through. the wind advisory is in effect for the metro area even a freeze watch way out to the west. that is for western allegheny county. temperatures are cooler. 70 degrees in fairfax, 70 in gaithersburg. the cooler air is located well to the west. 45 in pittsburgh. 45 degrees on our weatherbug network. satellite and radar showed an area of low pressure that continues to spin. notice a few light showers across western pennsylvania. some of these showers could turn into snowflakes later tonight across the higher elevations of allegheny and washington county. they will not accumulate. but that is pretty rare for this time of year. winds out of the north and northwest for tonight. a windy day foremother's dave with lots of sunshine and t
270 on the brakes out of germantown. delays from father hurley to rickville. pace improves and then on brakes toward the split. slow at the exit for the outer loop. inbound on 66, dealing with sunshine but a stalled car at 123 out of the way. delays out of manassas through centreville, before you reach 7100, 123 and nutley street to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. >>> more now on the developing situation in thailand where troops kin to move against the last protestor still holding out in bangkok. there were pockets of anti- government protestors overnight after the curfew failed to stop them. this morning the army is removing about 5,000 protestors still holding out in a temple. we're learning more about what is happening there. we are joined by dr. john grazele to talk more about the developing situation and what could happen next. thank you for being with us. >> thank you very much for having me. >> r me. >> i know you spent a lot of time in southeast asia and thailand. you can talk about where this is happening. this is in a very kind of a hig
three-four-four. - robert wone. >> thank you. >>> police are investigating an accident in germantown. a pedestrian was killed at 8:30 last night on jermantown road near the pinnacle drive. 55-year-old mary patricia costello was killed when a toyota avalon stock her. the 18-year-old driver remained at the scene. the water main break in northwest is going to cause traffic troubles again today. there was a 12-inch main that broke along pennsylvania avenue last night. plans are blocked off in the area of 21st and k streets and along pennsylvania avenue. the authorities say some customers could be affected by this. >>> outside it feels cool and rainy, and messy day. brian van de graaff is looking at our forecasts. we really need some rain. >> we do. the last couple months we have not had as much rain as we should. from january 1, we are almost four inches down. this rain is beneficial. it's better to get it all at once. what's going on outside? showers continue coming down across the area. basically covering the entire area. a look at the network's shows how great and adapt it is with sho
. it is gorgeous. look at the temperatures around the area. 87 in alexandra, 79 in germantown. 81 in silver spring. 81 in upper marlboro. mid to upper 80's across the area, so definitely above the average of 77. the storm system is ever so close. you can see the energy being drawn in, but notice the clouds and rain falling apart as they get into west virginia. but the high pressure over the mid atlantic area, acting as a barrier to the system. the moisture will trickle in by tomorrow evening, but i think these storms will come in widely separated. some of us may be dry, some of us may get a shot or two of rain. it will be toasted this afternoon in the 80's. the rain builds and, and for the week and we will start to see a shift in humidity pollen, high for trees, moderate for grasses and mold. in the mid 80's today, the winds today at 5 to 10 miles per hour. here is the weekend out what rate tomorrow, increasing clouds, a late a shower or storm possible. sunday, a few showers are possible as well as monday. next week, trying out and warming up a bit. >> i guess we will have to take it. >>> d.c. wil
will skyrocket later in the week. in germantown, seneca valley, 49 degrees. temperature only hit 64 for a high this afternoon. hello everybody in morgan county. when miles per hour wins, of the west. herndon, virginia, 42 degrees. officially today we hit temperatures in the mid 60's. 43 was a morning low. there you see the averages and the records for the date. around the area, it is chilly. pollen today, in the moderate range for tree pollen. everything else was in the low range. early tomorrow, in the upper 30's. in the mid 40's by afternoon. you can look at the colors -- 81 in dallas. violent weather, severe thunderstorms. the warmer air is headed here. it will take a full 36 hours to rise. the clouding is that is making the noise tonight, that will move in. the big story continues to be these three large areas. a possible tornado late tonight. you can see the lines of severe storms tonight still running through northeast texas, northeast of dallas, through oklahoma and into arkansas. a couple of tornadoes possibly developing in a couple of spots. the rain will continue to expand ahead of t
, d.c. children's hospital out of northwest. 7 miles per hour. it's 52 in germantown. and dulles 61 degrees. earlier today we had wind gusts in excess of 35-mile-per-hour. -- 35 miles per hour. the record was 9 set back in 1963. talking about a jerji problem, trees and the high category of the pine. grass is also in the high category. weeds and mold not a problem yet. just wait, though. 44 degrees in state college there. 's plenty of cool air. we have to look forward to the colder temperatures tonight. but out to the west temperatures are going to start to move up. high pressure moves to the east of us. that's going through a lot of changing. we will see temperatures by wednesday, how about 80 degrees or so? a quiet and dry overnight across the mid-atlantic region. there are the clouds that we had earlier this afternoon. but we are clearing out very, very nicely. clouds are to the north and east of us towards philadelphia and new york city. but nothing that's that's going to amount to a whole lot. >> lots of bright sunshine. this will keep us the winds out of the north and west. a
day long, showers on and off, see those show up a little bit at times, take you into germantown, a better look at the sky here, just gray murky conditions and the storm center continues to churn and hold the cloud cover, tough over maryland today, rainfall totals around a third to a half inch out there, a half inch down toward edge mere, one of the heavy winners in the lotto you could say. excuse me. 56 right now. unseasonable. normal would be 75. i'm getting choked up. and we had almost half an inch of rain out at bwi today. now 58 degrees was the forecast high today. we've got to 56. so brian taylor, you are our 2- degree weather winner out of glen el happenment give isyour name. three days in a row we have hit that. winds relatively light right now. temperatures have been cool all day, only into the upper 50s, maryland's most powerful radar, you canev some really light drizzle not showing up on radar, some more rain will move in our direction as we go forward in time here toward the day tomorrow. i think we'll see less rain but still this big cloud is going to be overhead. we
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